Aggressive Bronx Criminal Defense & DWI Attorneys

Jason-A.-Steinberger-Aggressively-Fighting-for-Your-RightsProblems with arrests happen from time to time and that is why there are people that specialize in helping others find their way out of those situations. If you are ever arrested and charged with a crime in the Bronx area of New York, Criminal and DWI lawyer Jason Steinberger can help. Mr. Steinberger’s experience serving in the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office along with his intimate knowledge of every facet of the criminal justice system makes him an invaluable ally if you find yourself needing representation. Mr. Steinberger knows the law inside and out and can help you fight for your rights.

What Should You Do if You or a Family Member Was Just Arrested?

Don’t panic, simply call attorney Jason Steinberger as quickly as you can at 646-256-1007. If you act quickly, there is a possibility that Mr. Steinberger can have your case dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office without even having to appear before a judge. His professional relationship with prosecutors gives him the ability to have your case dismissed before charges are ever filed or at the very least have certain charges reduced. If an appearance is needed before a judge, Mr. Steinberger can help to have you released without bail at the arraignment.

Post Arraignment Scenarios

In the event that a judge refuses motions to dismiss your Bronx DWI / DUI or criminal case on legal grounds, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office will continue to prosecute. In this circumstance, knowledge is power. Former Bronx Prosecutor Jason Steinberger can help you understand the power and scope the Bronx District Attorney’s Office holds over your case, and therefore help you make an educated decision on how to move forward. The Bronx District Attorney’s Office has three basic courses of action once an arrest has been made in Bronx County:

  • The case can be dropped.
  • The charges can be dismissed on non-legal grounds.
  • The case can be moved forward towards a trial scenario.

Jason Steinberger is well aware of the capabilities and capacity of the Bronx District Attorney’s office. He knows they will evaluate each case based on their ability to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt as their legal burden towards being able to prosecute. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the legal standard upon which the government must prove a case against a citizen and Mr. Steinberger understands that the best possible defense involves showing the prosecutors how they cannot prove their case beyond that standard. Positive results can be leveraged once Jason Steinberger is able to demonstrate how weak the government’s case is.

How Many Court Appearances Are Required?

Each case, along with its defense, is completely different. While every effort will be made by Mr. Steinberger to resolve each case in the most expeditious manner, the most important thing to remember is that the absolute best possible outcome for each client is the number one priority. There are many factors involved with resolving a case quickly including:

  • The type of case.
  • The amount of evidence already collected by police versus what still needs to be collected.
  • The availability of the prosecutor in charge of overseeing the case.

From the moment retention is initiated, Mr. Steinberger will establish contact with the prosecutor of your case and discern what evidence has been gathered that the District Attorney’s Office believes will establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Choosing a Bronx Criminal or DWI/DUI Lawyer

There are three main things to consider when choosing a criminal or DWI/DUI lawyer in the Bronx:

  1. Base your choice on the experience of the lawyer. In a criminal trial, there is no substitute for experience. Also, ask whether the lawyer actually practices in the Bronx. Local ties and connections are often keys to quick resolutions or even reduction of charges.
  1. Speak with the lawyer you are considering before retaining them. Personal meetings or a quick phone call can go a long way in establishing trust.
  1. Consider your goals compared to your lawyers. Are you both on the same page? There is a big difference in getting a case dismissed rather than taking the easiest plea deal available.

Let Jason Steinberger’s experience as a former Bronx Prosecutor speak for itself. His guidance will provide the most aggressive and competent defense available to help you with your criminal or DWI/DUI case. Reach out to him now at 646-256-1007 to get the help you deserve.